2024 Edition


Innovation in action for sustainable futures

Sustainable business transformation and innovating with purpose will take centre stage at THE SPOT 2023 to drive progress in sport. Experts from various fields will share their approaches, perspectives, and solutions for sustainable transformation. The aim: to inspire, accelerate progress, and empower everyone in sport to take forward new, promising, and practical ideas for profound change.

Let’s elevate sustainability from a niche to a mainstream topic, from a hype to a new normal – and help make it a top priority on every management level across all industries. Why? Today, sustainability is a business imperative. It is increasingly the measure by which partners, customers, investors, and participants will judge our activities. And ultimately, sustainable transformation will shape the success of our future. Discussions at THE SPOT 2023 will be structured around three pillars which are interconnected.

Through learnings, insights, and expertise, THE SPOT 2023 will feature cross-industrial experts and uncover practical ways to implement more sustainable solutions and enable progress in an ever-changing environment!

Full programme


Mindset and future consumer behaviour

Sustainability is at the heart of a necessary mind shift in how we approach the future.
Sustainable thinking must influence how we change behaviours and adapt our lifestyles for a more durable approach. How will businesses, individuals and technologies need to adapt to influence future consumer behaviour or meet existing consumer demand?

Human capital and the future success of sport

Talents and certain skills are key components to creating a sustainable future. How can sport ensure it has the capability through the people working in it to stay relevant and compete for attention among consumers of the future? What is missing, what are the challenges, where are the opportunities and what strategies can sport explore to boost its human capital and create sustainable success?

Innovation and best practice in sustainability

Tech innovation plays a central role in sustainable practices across various industries.
How can sport find the right pathways and harness technologies to achieve impactful, positive change? What is the role of sport in influencing and driving societal change and action when it comes to sustainability? Discover best practice and how to manage relevant insights in times of uncertainty.


Monday 8 May

17:00 — 20:00
Afterwork @ The Olympic Museum on the lakeside of Lausanne.

Tuesday 9 May

09:00 — 17:00
Full event @ the SwissTech Convention Center in the academic district of Lausanne.

Side Events

Building an Autonomous Data Economy in Sport

Monday 8 May | 14:00 — 16:00
Open to public (free)
Registration mandatory (click here)
Limited capacity

More information: click here

Get together in town

Tuesday 9 | 18:00 – onwards
Open to all

Location: Le Perchoir, Vortex

S4N powered by Sails of Change

Wednesday 10 | 09:0013:00
Workshop for the finalists of the Sports for Nature Challenge, powered by Sails of Change
Open to: Finalists and International Federations

Human capital and the future success of sport

Wednesday 10 | 09:0013:00
By Lausanne Olympic Capital and ThinkSport, powered by Adecco Group
On invitation