Sports for Nature

ThinkSport, together with the Sustainable Mountain Alliance (SMA) and the Sustainable Sport Lab (SSL) today announced the Sports For Nature Challenge which looks for innovative solutions that promote and enhance biodiversity conservation, with an actual or potential link with sport.

Protecting biodiversity can help people to adapt to climate change, ensuring health and food security, with healthy ecosystems becoming more resilient to climate change. Conserved or restored habitats can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to address climate change by storing carbon. Ultimately, by halting and reversing biodiversity loss, a nature-positive world may be achieved by 2030 for the benefit of the planet and the people.

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Sports organisations, startups, established companies, not-for-profit organisations, academic and public institutions and other stakeholders had the opportunity to submit their solutions for the sports ecosystem within the 3 categories:

1—Campaigns that promote biodiversity protection, increase knowledge and help enforce legal and statutory biodiversity requirements.

2—Infrastructure, including architecture and infrastructure that integrate biodiversity protection e.g. recover rainwater; reduce waste water; build green rooftops; provide sustainable drainage systems; and phytoremediation using plants and its microorganisms to enhance soil fertility and recover contaminated soils.

3—Technology, including the application and promotion of digital solutions for biodiversity conservation, and the use of satellite data and artificial intelligence for biodiversity protection.


At the end of the application deadline, a pre-selection has been done to enter the Challenge. These pre-selected candidates have participated in our online network accelerator to learn about the specific needs of the sport sector and to eventually improve or adjust their solution. Unique connections and exchanges with major sport stakeholders guaranteed!

In April, the best proposals have been selected and invited to continue the training that prepared them for the final pitch at THE SPOT, and eye a total prize money of 50’000 CHF

Finaly, the ten finalists exhibited a booth with their solution at THE SPOT and participated in an exclusive workshop to frame a potential POC with one of the supporters or with a major stakeholder from the world of sport.

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