2024 Edition

2024 Topics

Beyond Boundaries: THE SPOT 2024 Redefines Synergy in Sport and Innovation

With its focus on navigating the future of sports and innovation, this year’s edition aims to unite industry leaders, start-ups and sports enthusiasts in the aftermath of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to drive positive change.

The key themes for THE SPOT 2024 underscore the dynamics of change and innovation, emphasising the transformative power of partnerships, collaboration, and the validation of assumptions through user-centric approaches. These themes are designed to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise from various corners of the sports ecosystem.

The three main areas of focus for THE SPOT 2024 include:

Innovating for the Future: Nurturing a Culture of Change

What motivates change within an organisation, and why do some ideas lead to revolutionary transformations while others never gain traction? Change is not solely about having great ideas; it involves nurturing a culture that encourages and sustains innovative thinking. 

Cross-Industry Collaborations in Sports: Creating Winning Partnerships

Understanding the boundaries of our knowledge and learning from the world around us is fundamental to achieving success. It’s often said that the first step to wisdom is recognising what we don’t know. In a quest for growth and excellence, organisations must embrace the concept of continuous learning and the power of collaboration.

Know your consumer: Believe what consumers do, not what they say

Each generation comes with distinct values, preferences, communication styles, and technological adeptness shaped by the societal and technological landscapes during their formative years. By comprehending these variations, businesses can tailor their strategies, products, and marketing approaches to resonate with each generation effectively. 

In addition to insightful speakers, THE SPOT’s main programme is complemented by a Marketplace and a Demo Zone where delegates can explore new products and solutions. Attendees can also witness pitches from innovative companies and leverage networking opportunities to forge cross-sector partnerships and projects.