Vincent Gremeaux

Professor Vincent Gremeaux is specialized in Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

After training in Dijon (France), he worked in Montpellier, Montréal, Dijon and took the head of the Sports Medicine Centre of the Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland, in June 2017. He is also Associate Professor at the Sports Science Institute of Lausane University  (ISSUL).

He is the author of more than 120 Publications referenced on Pubmed in rehabilitation journals, sports medicine and physiology, cardiology, and 20 publications in educational journals / continuing education in the field of rehabilitation and sports medicine.

He is co-investigator of 1 funded FNS project in translational research, 1 funded project in association with EPFL in the field of prevention of injuries related to sports, and investigator of a French national-funded translational project aiming to develop patient-centererd eccentric ergometers.

His passion is to imagine how to transfer the principles of sports training to the management of injured athletes and patients suffering chronic diseases, and sometimes vice-versa!