Dr. Todd Harple is an innovation catalyst, strategist and leader. Trained as an anthropologist, for over sixteen years he has worked at the cutting edge interface between people and technology, leading the development of services and experiences that shape how we use technology today–connecting the physical and digital worlds–on a global scale. From IP content on the TV (his research supported Intel’s first System-on-Chip design win in a Set Top Box in 2007) to the advent of smart phones, to today’s data economy driven by digitization – his work has been prescient across mobile technology, fashion, sports, and retail. Todd is a proven resourceful thinker and empathic, flexible problem solver with an eye toward business outcomes. He is regularly sought after by senior leaders in established organizations as well as startups to advise on research and innovation initiatives. Todd is presently Innovation Director for Intel’s Olympic and Paralympic Office and from 2019-2021 he was embedded with the International Olympic Committee as Innovation Consultant as part of Intel’s TOP Sponsorship of the Olympics.