Susanne Timosci

Susanne is a business and technology executive with 20+ years experience focused on marketing/business development, transformation, innovation management and sustainability strategies helping b2b partners businesses succeed. 
She is a confident strategist and channel builder with substantial Go To Market experience, who has launched successful products and services across SEA, China, US and Latam.
She led the digital transformation and sustainable change program of Deutsche Fußball Liga Sports Group (Bundesliga) for 13 years and collaborate with partners on new business model approaches and technical challenges to accelerate value creation and driving positive social and environmental impact through innovative initiatives and dynamic partnerships. 
She recently joined NTT Data Group, a global Innovator, to lead the Centre of Excellence Sustainability and Sport and is a trusted advisor for sustainable business transformation of leading companies with a depth of focus on climate action programs on the global journey to net zero emissions. She is passionate about guiding companies through transformation, coaching people, fostering culture and designing processes with a high affinity for future technologies.