Sustainability Program Leader – The Ocean Race at Blueshift.

Speaking on behalf of The Ocean Race as Head of the Sustainability Program, Anne-Cécile is a an industry expert experienced in driving positive change through international platforms, her work is supported by her impressive qualifications and training from The Tavistock Institute, Harvard’s Executive Leadership Program and WWF. With more than twenty years of experience on a global scale in marketing, sponsorship and management, she has worked with some of the world’s biggest names including NGOs, media outlets, sporting events and international brands.

In 2011 Anne-Cécile joined the Race for Water Foundation as director. The Foundation’s core aim was to identify, implement and promote solutions for a new social circular economy around plastic waste, in doing so preserving water and our oceans. In 2016, she joined The Ocean Race as Sustainability Programme Leader, in order to assist the event in its journey to reduce its environmental impact, optimise its sustainability potential and use the power of the race to create positive change to our oceans health.

She is currently Founder and Director of Blueshift, which she founded in 2009, as an agency that specialised is creating sustainable solutions for businesses.

This year Blueshift is set to expand and re-brand itself as a sustainability consultancy with expertise in creating flexible, smart solutions for organisations who wish to lead a more sustainable existence. With the ability to call on some of the industry’s most experienced professions, Blueshift is set to create a powerful group of individuals who are capable of implementing change and, more importantly, educate organisations, events and brands on how to create a balance which enables them to manage themselves in a more sustainable and relatable way.