Mounir is the co-founder and the CEO of N3XT Sports, a highly specialized digital transformation agency helping develop technology-led, data-driven ecosystems for international sports organizations. He currently oversees multiple innovation projects across the sports industry, globally, and is passionate about supporting the sector’s ongoing digitalization at all levels of the sporting pyramid.
Before the agency’s inception in 2018, Mounir was the Director of Technology and Innovation for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.
Currently based in Valencia, Spain, Mounir has a curiosity for all things sports technology, including, chiefly, how the evolving digital landscape is shaping the way sports organizations achieve their operational objectives and connect as part of a modern, unified ecosystem.
In addition, Mounir’s business also supports the integration of digital touchpoints inside sports properties, including for example how entities can leverage direct-to-consumer (D2C) media solutions, as well as the burgeoning high-performance market.