Laetitia is working at VF to strengthen region-specific inclusion, diversity, equity and action strategies and goals to engage and retain a powerfully diverse, talented workforce while promoting VF’s organizational purpose and values. 

Laetitia is a seasoned Diversity, Inclusion & Equity (DEI) leader with professional experiences in multiple industries and large-scale transformation environments. She joined VF last February after she worked as an independent consultant and coach and supported several organizations with their DEI strategies and practices. She also spent 7 years in a global DEI role at Philip Morris International. Avid learner, she studied in four countries, owns several University Degrees and a coaching certification. Endowed with an entrepreneur mindset, she was one of the founders of the International Dual Career Network. An adventurer, a lover of the outdoors and sports, she has learned that it takes real determination and resilience to make sustainable change and reach new heights, particularly in the field of people and culture.