Cody Wayne Burkhart

Cody Wayne Burkhart is a renowned human potential expert, engineer, and neuroscientist who has spent 17 years with NASA, pushing the boundaries of human-technology interactions in space. As the Flight Project Manager for ARED and KRAKN aboard the ISS and Chief of the NASA JSC HumanWorks Lab, Cody has spearheaded groundbreaking projects and developed cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with organizations like DARPA and TRISH.

Adept at coaching world champions and Olympic medalists, Cody’s expertise spans various disciplines, from engineering to human performance. An agile problem-solver, he has built a vast network across NASA, USAF, SpaceForce, and beyond, showcasing his adaptability in both established organizations and startups. A dedicated mentor, Cody has guided numerous interns to success and contributed significantly to their professional growth.

Cody’s innovative work in galvanic vestibular stimulation and autonomous breath systems exemplifies his commitment to exploring new frontiers in human potential. Resourceful, adaptable, and always putting the problem first, Cody Wayne Burkhart continues to break new ground in human-technology interactions, shaping the future of human performance in space and beyond.