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2019 event overview


Influencers from around the world were there for two days of exploration, networking, sharing and many opportunities to make some unexpected connections.
Fun social events were also included!


Event place: SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne, Switzerland

Tuesday 28 may

Market Place / Demo Zone
Conference programme
Start-up Battle qualification
Happy Hour

Evening – Social event
(Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 20, 1003 Lausanne)

Wednesday 29 may

Market Place / Demo Zone
Start-up Discovery
Conference programme
Start-up Battle Final

Conference Programme 

Indulge your curiosity and discover our conference topics and speakers.
Stay tuned – more details on the conference programme coming soon!
David Eades, BBC
Robert Eades, So-Creative

Day 1



09:00 · 12:45


09:00 · 09:15

A generation-spanning perspective with father and son Hosts
David and Rob Eades

Announcement of the Sport Innovation Hub
Philippe Leuba, State Councillor Department of Economy and Sport, Canton of Vaud
University of Lausanne
Swiss Timing

Fan Engagement: Disruption Is Opportunity

09:15 · 09:45

In a media environment of constant rapid change, how do market leaders like the NFL ride the waves of disruption to keep their fans loyal and engaged? How are they using new technology and thinking in new ways to bring them ever closer?

Scott Kegley, Minnesota Vikings
Tori Willis, SKIDATA

The Big Picture – Future Athletes

09:45 · 10:15

We live in times of hypertechnological change, with the capacity to transform the fabric of nature and to expand the possibilities of digital interconnectivity reshaping humanity. Sports are pivotal to the implementation of these trajectories and the elite athlete sits at the epicenter of humanity’s aspiration to transcend natural and normal limits. This talk examines the relationships between the industries, technologies, and cultural trends that are bringing into existence a new relationship between biology and computing to reveal crucial directions in sport’s future. It outlines a technological imperative that is evident in sport, which require locating innovation at the heart of sport’s future.

Prof. Andy Miah, University of Salford

Future-Gazing: Athlete + Technology + Innovation = ???

10:15 · 10:55

Science and technology are transforming our ability to maximise human performance; Digital innovation provides a quantum leap in learning, training and competing as an athlete. So what is the future for the athletes of tomorrow, their athlete-coach relationships and for sport in general?

Dr Nicolas Bourdillon, be.care
Waylon Ian Chin, First Serve Partners
Natalie Cook, 5x Olympian, GOLD and Bronze Medallist
Jean Sebastien Merieux, Dartfish
Prof. Jamie Paik, Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, EPFL

Start-up Battle | Eurovision Sport Award

10:15 · 11:15

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Discussion – Innovative Safety

10:55 · 11:10

Dave Marver, VICIS
Patrick Vajda, S2H

Athletes In Motion

11:10 · 11:40

Dr Caecilia Charbonnier, Artanim

Interview – THE SPOT 2018 Start-up Battle Winner

11:40 · 11:50

Tim Friedland, forwARdgame

Start-up Battle | Swiss Timing Award

11:45 · 12:45

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Spotlight on .SPORT

11:50 · 12:00

Pierre Germeau, GAISF



13:15 · 17:00

Start-up Battle | UEFA Award

13:15 · 14:15

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The Big Picture – Industry

13:45 · 14:05

The sports industry has evolved as a technology leader in many areas, ranging from the development of new materials and manufacturing processes, to the use of data to drive training and fan engagement and business decisions.

Dr Kim Blair, Exponent

The View From Europe

14:05 · 14:20

Benjamin Penkert, SportsTechX

The Innovation Mindset

14:20 · 14:50

What sort of imagination and creativity does it take to ‘think outside the box’, and what inspires innovation? Why do we need to innovate and how does sport fit into the bigger picture of the tech-based economy? What are the critical challenges for achieving sustainable competitive advantage?

Moderator: Dr Kim Blair, Exponent
Daniel Kaufman, SportTechie
Benjamin Penkert, SportsTechX
Dr Maria Stukoff, University of Salford
Dr Mounir Zok, N3XT SPORTS

Start-up Battle | Asics Tenkan-Ten

14:45 · 15:45

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Interview: Tokyo 2020 – Momentum For Innovation

14:50 · 15:05

Fumihiko Nakajima, Dentsu Inc.
Michael Proman, Scrum Ventures | SPORTS TECH TOKYO

Debate: Designing For The Future of Sport

15:05 · 15:45

What does the future of sport look like?  How are changes in the way people “do” sport, and their consumer appetites, impacting the thinking of the big organisations and brands which the sports industry depends on?  

Jean-Baptiste Alliot, UEFA
Joey Brander, First Serve Partners
Vincent Lecrosnier, Adidas
Andrew Ryan, ASOIF
Michael Wragg, Nielsen

Spotlight on VR

15:45 · 16:00

Arman Gukasyan, Revizto

CIES/FIFA present…
Putting Innovation on the Pitch: VAR and Video Technology in Sport

16:00 · 16:50

How can we stimulate progress and identify the limits for innovation in the world of sport? What will sport look like in the future and how will video technology change how sport is played, governed and even conceptualised? This round table will focus on these and other issues, bringing together experts from a variety of perspectives.

Scene setter: Massimo Busacca, FIFA
Vincent Gaillard, EPCR
Prof. Denis Müller, UNIGE
Alexandra Willis, The AELTC, Wimbledon
Pascal Zuberbühler, FIFA

Social Event

As of 19:00

HOOKAH bar (Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 20, 1003 Lausanne)

Day 2



09:30 · 12:30

The Big Picture – Society

09:30 · 09:55

Peddling People Power – How World Bicycle Relief is helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive.

Dave Neiswander, World Bicycle Relief

When Sport Can Talk

09:55 · 10:30

New audio and voice-recognition technologies are changing the way people live their daily lives. How will they change the way they learn, practice and enjoy sports? How can rights owners and brands use and benefit from the “hot” medium of voice?

Cathy Pearl, Google
Prof. Andrei Popescu-Belis, HEIG-VD

Start-up Battle Discovery | Session 1

10:00 · 11:00

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Spotlight on Augmented Reality

10:30 · 10:40

Philippe Monnier, WayRay

Building Sustainability Into Sport

10:40 · 11.20

The public is more aware than ever of the urgent need to address the damage being inflicted on our planet. Now sustainability is a must-have for sports. But it means more than being environmentally friendly. How are events making sustainability an integral part of their identity and operations?

Isabella Burczak, UCI
Thaïs Lindemann, CIEL – Tomorrow’s Sustainable Olympic Village | EPFL
Yoan Noguier, Yunus Sports Hub
Julia Palle, Formula E
Anne-Cécile Turner, Blueshift

The Betting Bubble That Does Not Burst

11:20 · 11:50

The digital world has given the betting industry a new lease of life. As has the de-regulation of the industry in the United States. But Esports also provide a new focus, with a virgin youth market. It opens the way towards massive growth and engagement. How do the risks and opportunities compare between E- and traditional sports? And how ready is this landscape to hang on its integrity with so much money at stake?

Sam Gomersall, Pinnacle
Ian Smith, Esports Integrity Coalition


11:50 · 12:10

Gerry Pennell, IOC

Meet the European Sports Tech Ecosystem

12:00 · 13:00

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13:20 · 17:00

The Big Picture – Entertainment

13:20 · 13:50

What does the entertainment market of the future look like? What can sport learn from other entertainment businesses about digital consumption, consumer loyalty and engagement? How can it leverage relationships with them to build new generations of fans and participants?

Lucien Boyer, Vivendi
Manuel Hubault, Universal Music Group

Chasing the Audience

13:50 · 14:30

In a hyer-competitive media market, how does sport maintain, let alone, grow its fanbase? Where do the huge changes in digital consumption leave traditional TV? Are the days of the ‘mass audience’ drawing to a close?

Moderator: Jay Stuart, iSportconnect
Simon Burton, World Sports Photography Awards
Franck Choquard, Eurovision Sport
Barbara Desmarest, VOGO
Craig Hepburn, UEFA
Caty Tedman, Dapper Labs

Start-up Battle Discovery | Session 2

14:00 · 15:00

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The Fun & Games of Mounting Competition

14:30 · 15:10

Sport is one part of a fantastically competitive market for the attention of consumers. How are the rules of the media and entertainment business changing and what will be the next big ‘things’, and the opportunities for sport?

Prof. Karl Aberer, EPFL
Herman Grobler, TATA Communications
Jean-Luc Jezouin, Nagra Kudelski Group
Alexandra Willis, The AELTC, Wimbledon


15:10 · 15:25

An overview of the current esport landscape

Ian Smith, Esports Integrity Coalition

Esports and the Virtual Extension of Sport

15:25 · 16:05

How can traditional sports compete with and learn from the competitive gaming business? How can they use esports as an extension of “real” sports and what are the best partnership models? Is the debate about the definition of esports as “sport” important?

Moderator: Ian Smith, Esports Integrity Coalition
Motasem El Bawab, FIVB
Sergi Mesonero, LVP Liga de Videojuegos Profesional
Anna Rozwandowicz, The Story Mob

International Start-up Battle Final

16:05 · 17:00

Auditions taking place throughout both days