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2019 event overview

Join in sport influencers from around the world for two days of exploration, networking, sharing and the opportunity to make some unexpected connections.
Fun social side events included!

monday 27 may

Evening – Welcome drinks


Tuesday 28 may

Market Place / Demo Zone
Conference programme
Start-up Battle qualification
Happy Hour

Evening – Social event


Wednesday 29 may

Market Place / Demo Zone
Start-up Discovery
Conference programme
Start-up Battle Final

Conference Programme 

Indulge your curiosity and discover our themed conference tracks.
Stay tuned – more details on the conference programme coming soon!


The bar is getting higher – how to clear it

Citius, altius, fortius remains the rallying cry for athletes. But our scope for improved physical performance is growing smaller. The solution lies increasingly in bio-tech, training techniques and data analytics. As new tech takes the lead in sport, THE SPOT examines how it will influence both athletes and competitions in the future.



New materials, New products, New business models

Sport may not be the mother of invention. But the readiness of athletes and teams to find that ‘extra something’ makes it a great testing ground for innovation. THE SPOT looks at the latest products and ideas, and asks how the wider world of business and the consumer will benefit from the pioneering spirit in sport.



Sport is good for you!

Having fun, staying fit, looking good. Sport has never played a greater role in our social lives. It helps us define ourselves, right down to the causes we believe in. THE SPOT will explore how the tech-driven changes in sport translate into changes in society – and how sport is becoming a force for positive change.



It’s not all about Winning

Sport is now part of a fantastically competitive entertainment market. Spectators expect more – in the stadium, on the streets, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd screens. They want to be involved like never before – and for many that also means participating through digital versions of their favourite sport, and of course e-sports. THE SPOT explores the latest entertainment trends, the amazing growth of esports and the future of sport as entertainment in the virtual world.