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The third edition of THE SPOT will offer once again unique experiences and insights on pressing topics around activity & performance, management & discovery and fans & content.

11 may

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12 may

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13 may

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Conference Programme 

Indulge your curiosity and discover our conference topics and speakers.
Stay tuned – more details on the conference programme coming soon!

Esport in All Sport
The Evolution of Sports Entertainment

The digital revolution is transforming sports entertainment as interactivity and gamification become more important in the fan experience. Our opening interview session will explore how the big commercial sports are changing in a new world where esports is setting the pace.

Innovation Imperative
The Essential Mindset for Fan Engagement

In a market where fans want new experiences and social media buzz is constantly changing tastes, how do you innovate in order to stay relevant and exciting? How can large organisations be flexible, encourage new thinking and stay ahead of the curve?

Sport and Gaming
Making the Connection

Traditional sports have moved into digital gaming in different ways. How are they growing the connection between physical sports and digital experiences? What does the future hold for sports-based gaming?

Sport Innovation and Active Lifestyles

Technology has made sports participation more fun and popular than ever before, while traditional forms of competition have been giving way to new attitudes to becoming stronger, faster and fitter. What are the hot new products and trends?

Finding People to Drive Innovation

Innovating successfully demands more than innovative ideas. Being able to solve problems in new ways and create innovative products and solutions has become a special skill-set. What are those skills and how do you find and nurture them?

Learning from Live Entertainment and the Music Industry

Producers of concerts and shows have led the way in creating immersive live events. How can sports events become more multi-dimensional experiences in the new generation of wired venues?

What Investors In Innovation Really Want

Leaders in finding and supporting start-ups and other new ventures explain the ground rules for attracting investment.

The Business of Being an Athlete

In a hyper-competitive marketplace, making a living from their sports is a challenge for most athletes, and many are becoming entrepreneurs in their own right. Young pros tell about the challenges and opportunities of the sporting life

How Will We Live and Experience Sport in the Future?

With the pace of change in today’s word, it’s hard to guess what things will look just a few years in the future. But how about predicting the shape of sport decades from now? What will sports participation and entertainment look like? How can sports future-proof themselves?