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THE SPOT, ThinkSport’s international sport and innovation event currently taking place in Lausanne, provided the perfect platform for Gait Up to announce its future collaboration with Dartfish, another Swiss expert in video analysis. 

“We’re delighted to announce this long awaited collaboration that will enable us to combine strengths of our sensor based movement analysis with video enriched analysis,” said Benoît Mariani, CEO of Gait Up. 

The solution will allow users such as coaches and therapists to combine objective sensor data seamlessly with their video content, thereby enabling accurate feedback and meaningful analysis. 

“Combining the exceptional quality of data from Gait Up with the benefit of Dartfish’s enriched video is a tremendous step to offer accurate and easy to understand analysis”, said Jean Sebastien Merieux, CEO of Dartfish.

Read the full press releases by Dartfish and Gait Up.